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July 20, 2010 - Elk Grove Village, IL - Namco America, Inc. announced a software upgrade for customers who purchased the Tank! Tank! Tank! arcade game. The new software upgrade for Tank! Tank! Tank! will provide players with new enemies to battle, more "NamCam" photo frames for additional customization, and increased audio and visual instructions for better game play.

The new enemies included in the software upgrade are Bee-Bots and The Octo-Giant. They will automatically rotate on a monthly basis between the original enemies, Arachnos and The Red Dragon, in the cooperative game play mode. "With enemies that alternate every month, players will benefit from having a completely new experience when they play the cooperative game mode from one month to another," said Sam Ven, product coordinator of Namco America. "The game experience is further enhanced with additional audio and visual directions to help players defeat enemies and advance to the next level."

Additional "NamCam" picture frames will give players more options when customizing their player photos. A cowboy hat, black samurai helmet, prisoner uniform, and a tiger mask are the newest frames added to the large list of "NamCam" picture frames.

The default game mode has been changed to Free-For-All in the game selection screen. Customers can receive this free upgrade through Namco America’s Advance Replacement Program by calling (847) 264-5612 or emailing New shipments of Tank! Tank! Tank! will have the latest software.

Launched at the start of 2010, Namco's Tank! Tank! Tank! is a motion cabinet party game unlike anything that has been played before. The combination of a tank driving game and a shooter is the best new concept to come along in years. The game play possibilities are endless as players can choose from 3 different game modes: Free-For-All, Team Up, and Cooperative Play. Free-For-All mode is a "battle-royale" where all players compete against one another. Up to four players can link up and face off in several different battle fields. In Team Up mode, players can choose to be on either the Blue Team or the Red Team and fight it out to see which team is truly the best. In Cooperative Play mode, players join forces to help bring down giant monsters. Every game that is played becomes unique and unparalleled due to the destructible environment in all game modes.

With varying game modes from cooperation to competition, every game play will be unmatched and Tank! Tank! Tank! will undoubtedly be #1 party game and the most fun players will have playing a multi-player game.

About Namco America, Inc. (NAI)

NAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holding Co. NAI is committed to providing the ultimate interactive entertainment experience. NAI uses cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics to take their coin-operated games far beyond traditional entertainment. Namco Bandai Holding Corp., which also has business related interests in films, toys, health equipment, consumer video software, and others, is a publicly traded corporation on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and owns a number of other subsidiary entertainment companies around the globe.

Bee Bots

Octo Giant

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