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Barber Cut Lite Service Update Notice



Barber Cut Lite Service Update

To the Operators of Barber Cut Lite games

Serial Number series BL0081100001 through BL00811000050

Namco America would like to inform you of a potential issue with your games

We have determined that certain units when played in a manner that is inconsistent with normal play, may dispense prizes that are not actually won in the proper manner. This problem needs to be corrected if you want your machine to operate properly.

The update is a relatively simple procedure involving replacing and adding a few parts to the unit. This update can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We strongly suggest that you check your unit’s serial number and if it is part of the group mentioned above, that you act quickly to update your unit.  This update kit will be provided to you at no charge.


To get your kit either contact your Namco America distributor or Namco America directly. If you have any questions, or need any further information, please contact us at Namco America at 847 264-5610 or email at


Attached below are the instructions for the service update installation:

Baber Cut Lite Rework Instructions





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